Our philosophy is that skincare should be accessible and affordable for everyone.  We do custom facials that pack a punch. Whether you spend 30 minutes or 60 minutes a month, we can help you create the skin you always wanted.  It’s your time, and you deserve ALL the compliments!

This beautiful studio began as a small business out of Heather’s garage.  Once word was out about the amazing prices and superior service, the business grew at such a ferocious pace she decided to expand.  The next step was adding a staff!  Fallon and Heather met when the studio was an empty room and Fallon accepted the job and agreed to apprentice without having any idea what the end product would be.  She doesn’t regret for a minute taking a chance, and she is getting booked up! After things were up and running they were lucky to add two very experienced massage therapists Mira and Stephanie, and the team was rounded out with an amazing esthetician, Leda.  The end result is a solid staff, great prices, and customer service that is friendly and always puts the client first!