Our Story

Just like any business that seems to pop up out of nowhere, we have a very long story, and I wanted to share (just a small summary) of that here!

My name is Heather Brown and in May 2006 I started Heather Brown Studio, I purchased a home with an existing skincare business (fully state licensed) operating out of this garage. I tried to then grow that into a larger business…

Heather Brown Studio 2006-2016

The early days were like any other brand new business (for me), it was struggle! There were days with no clients, a cancellation would send me into a panic, I had no signs, no website, no social media, every bit of my business was old fashioned word of mouth…

My dad made me those incredible cabinets 😊

As my little business grew each year, in 2014, it grew at a ferocious pace and I physically could not take any more clients, this prompted me to open our first store in January 2016. It was a challenge at first, but so, so worth it. I post a lot about how much I love my staff and that has been my greatest gift 😊 They bring me joy the way they bring you joy, and I am so grateful for each of them.

I just wanted to share this because the journey was a long one (more than I could post on one page) and I always enjoy seeing where things actually started.

A huge thank you to the “garage people” as affectionately call them. I would not be where I am without each of you, and for those who stuck by me through the change and now see my staff, you are extra special to me 😊