Meet Our Studio

Our staff is experienced, friendly, and ready to start working with you to achieve your beauty goals. Come meet us!

IMG_3993Heather Brown, Owner

Eyebrow Guru and Ninja Brazilian Waxer, Master Microneedler, Facial Super Star. Obsessed with hydration, dermaplaning, peeling, makeup, and her cats Ana and Viktor.  Twelve years experience. Microblading is Heather’s passion. Grateful for the chance to extend her business with an awesome staff!

 leda-irons-01Leda Irons, Esthetician

Dermaplaning Diva, Master Microneedler, Peel lover and Brazilian Wax Pro. Obsessed with oil and exfoliating powder.  Dance mom, dog lover, Relaxation Specialist.  If you need to laugh, Leda is the queen of one liners and her sense of humor is dryer than skin after degreasing. 8 years experience.  Best leggings in the studio, and the sass to back them up.


FB_IMG_15Megan Masters, Esthetician

Pug mom, collector of stones, known as the eyebrow queen in certain circles.  Will gladly chat about aliens, Disney, or history while listening to accordion music.  Overall nerd. Her goal is to eliminate skin dehydration and help every woman see her natural beauty.

IMG_1009 (1)Zoe Everhart, Esthetician

Lash lift lover, must haves: makeup, shopping, camping, traveling, concerts, and, of course, her dog Cocoa.  Facial game strong, eyebrow Jedi, and most likely to pick up Starbucks for anyone who wants it!  Zoe loves helping everyone look and feel better than when they come in!

image1Annie Lippman, Esthetician

Lash and brow enthusiast. Makeup wizard. Obsessed with Oxygen Lift Facials. Lover of all things supernatural. Her goal is to help you feel comfortable in your own skin and brighten your day!

Mira Bell, Massage TherapistMira Bell, Massage Therapist

All -around massage badass! Can help you with stress management to pain relief, and everything in between. Dedicated to making you feel your best and sharing good vibes with every person she comes in contact with. 16 years experience.   Leads staff in group meditation.

sarah-swanson-01Sarah Swanson, Manager

Multi-tasking mom Sarah not only has two adorable children, she also has 9 grown women to watch over!  With extensive awesomeness in Human Resources, Sarah is the ultimate referee.  You won’t see Sarah around the studio; she works off-site, but she is just a text, or phone call (or another text and an email, oh, and another phone call away)! Sarah keeps the staff sane(ish).