Meet Our Studio

Our staff is experienced, friendly, and ready to start working with you to achieve your beauty goals. Come meet us!

IMG_3993  Heather Brown, Owner

Eyebrow Guru and Ninja Brazilian Waxer, Master Microneedler, Facial Super Star. Obsessed with hydration, dermaplaning, peeling, makeup, and her cats Ana and Viktor.  Twelve years experience. Microblading is Heather’s passion. Grateful for the chance to extend her business with an awesome staff!

FB_IMG_15  Megan Masters, Esthetician

Pug mom, collector of stones, known as the eyebrow queen in certain circles. Will gladly chat about aliens, Disney, or history while listening to accordion music.  Overall nerd. Her goal is to eliminate skin dehydration and help every woman see her natural beauty. Come meet Megan at Fishers!

22008140_10159598228470105_3474072968823024659_n  Sara Morguson, Esthetician

Lash Line Enhancing Master. Sara is a permanent make-up guru! She’s a girl’s girl who loves helping everyone reach their skincare goals! Her goal is to create an honest and affordable routine that will promote short-term and long-term results! Come see Sara at Fishers!



Bre’Auna Mccoy, Esthetician

Bre’Auna is the superstar of our crew! She loves helping everyone achieve their beauty goals, especially through facials! She is a student at IUPUI studying organic chemistry and minoring in Chinese, consider her the ultimate smarty pants! Come catch up with her at the Fishers location where you can chat with her about celebrating natural beauty!

Haley Eldridge, Esthetician

Not to brag, but our staff is filled with wonderful moms (can we just say the girl power is awesome). Haley stays busy with her two children and her four adorable dogs! If you ask Haley why she became an esthetician her answer will always have something to do with empowering women to love the skin their in! Come see Haley in Fishers!

Natalie Battershield, Receptionist

We love a woman who can do it all, and that is Natalie for sure! With a husband, three kids and two dogs at home we are not sure how she finds time to do it all! Not only is she a rockstar bus driver but she loves to help our clients get their “me” time with our amazing estheticians at our studio! Come in or call and Natalie can help you book your next appointment here in Fishers!

Brittney Hunley, Receptionist

Did we mention we have wonder women on our staff? Meet Brittney, the OG of reception at the studio, she has been here for four years helping women achieve their goals and celebrate their beauty! Brittney’s passion is providing great customer service in the industry. Between marrying her college sweetheart and staying busy with her two boys she loves to unwind on the water while listening to country music. Come chat with Britney about your beauty goals or your favorite country artist!

Dawn Wendt, Receptionist

Like we said, we love our multitasking moms! Dawn’s full time passion is in Human Resources, but she could not help but join our team when she got introduced to the work culture around here! Dawn keeps us all neat and tidy behind the desk with her queen organization skills. A mom of two plus one pupper, Dawn stays busy but still finds time to garden outside. Call the studio to chat with Dawn and book yourself an appointment!

Noah Wendt, Receptionist

Remember Dawn’s kids we were just talking about? Meet Noah! Dawn and Noah bring us the perfect mother son duo, what more could you ask for?! He is a recent graduate of Ball State University where he studied Residential Property Management. Like all his fellow staff members he is a great multitasker and teaches children in band and percussion programs! Noah is our full time movie master… seriously quiz him, name a movie and he can tell you everything! Come meet Noah in the studio!

Ashlee House, Receptionist

Our Sunday Girl (Heather’s favorite day)! Ashlee may be the coolest girl we know, she spent four years in the army as a medic and is currently going to school for radiography at Ball State University! If you cannot tell already, most of us are animal people and Ashlee is no different! Spending her time with her dog and tending to her beautiful sunflower garden Ashlee is the chill girl perfect for the studio on the weekends. Come hang out with her and Heather on Sundays!

Kali Mayer, Receptionist

Kali comes to us as one of Heather’s OG clients before she expanded to the studio (an exclusive club as Kali likes to call it). She is working with us while finishing up her liberal arts/anthropology degree with DePauw University in 2021. Kali believes a confident woman is unstoppable and loves working at HB where everyone leaves feeling like they are glowing from the inside out! Come chat with her about travel, or even her nerdy coin collection!


Sarah Swanson, Manager

Multi-tasking mom Sarah not only has two adorable children, she also has 9 grown women to watch over!  With extensive awesomeness in Human Resources, Sarah is the ultimate referee.  You won’t see Sarah around the studio; she works off-site, but she is just a text, or phone call (or another text and an email, oh, and another phone call away)! Sarah keeps the staff sane(ish).