Consent Forms

Which treatment are you receiving today?

We have recently updated our consent forms! Please select and complete the consent form for each treatment you will be receiving today. If you are receiving multiple treatments from us (not including Permanent Makeup or Collagen Induction), you can select the first form. Thank you for your assistance in ensuring that we provide you with the safest, most effective treatment possible! If anyone is under 18 when receiving their services, we ask that their parent or legal guardian fill out the Parental Consent in advance as well.

For all of our tattoo-based services, including all Permanent Make-up (Microblading and Lash Line Enhancements) and Collagen Induction Therapy, please fill out the Tattoo and the Topical Numbing Cream consents. If you are scheduled for a training service, please fill out the Training and Topical Numbing Cream consents instead.