Why won’t my make-up hold after 4 hours?

Make-up has easily become a lot more popular regimen for both men and women. Now a days, most make-up lines are offering products to prep, put on and maintain your make-up. But, what if I were to tell you one of the best make-up primers I’ve used is from a skincare line? I’ve tried it all NYX, Mac, ext. and none have worked as well as Image’s Vital C Oil. The oil is only $50 and will last you about 5 months since a little goes a long way. Not only is it a primer, but a hydrating skincare product. I apply it with my make-up sponge onto my face allow it to soak in and then begin my make-up routine. My foundation no longer looks splochy or losing pigmentation. The oil gives you a smooth silky finish. The great thing is it puts a layer in between your skin and make-up so not all that gunk from your make-up is going straight into your skin!

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