So Excited for L.A. and Microblading

I am officially excited about my upcoming trip!  I am going to post some pictures of microblading from Elite Permanent Makeup Center just so we can all be excited!  I haven’t seen anything like these brows in Indianapolis, so I can’t wait to bring L.A. style to Fishers, Indiana!

So, what exactly is microblading?
Microbalding is also micro stroking. It is a method using an incredibly fine and thin row of needles to create marks on the skin that look like eyebrows. This semi-permanent technique is absolutely safe. Experts also call this procedure tattoo eyebrows hair by hair or feathering eyebrows. A single application lasts around 12-18 months. The durability depends on the quality of pigment and depth the blade enter the skin. When using an extremely fine thin blade, the hair produced will look crisp. The ink will not smudge under the skin. It is useful for making full and beautiful brows.



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